Helen Blejerman

I am an artist and writer and in this blog I will share an aspect of my daily life result of a series of obsessions; from going to the distant places, to the subliminal anxiety to find the odd, the other. The only rule I will have is to share -as an outsider- what I find unfamiliar. I hope with this blog's exploration to be able to locate the boundaries but also the soul of what we call home. Please browse the subjects on the left menu. And please visit my websites to see my work: helenblejerman.com and helenblejerman.org

“A particularly moving book!” La Selection Canal BD.


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Out in France the 21st of October!

Hi, my short graphic novel will be out in October this year. Published in French by Presque Lune. You will be able to buy it in some of the Canadian, … Continue reading

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Strangers To Ourselves

I put Julia Kristeva’s book down for a moment and drew…

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The artist

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Paniel and the speed of the clouds

Paniel was born and raised in Veracruz Mexico. Now he is based in Sheffield, UK. The first thing that caught his attention on arrival, was the speed of the clouds. … Continue reading

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On Language

We don’t create Language, Language creates us. -


Mariana – The amount of reflections due to rain.

Part of the project The Migrant The First Time (or A Cosmopolitan Land) The migrant, in several moments, connects with ‘the strange’; with the almost recognisable. With this series of … Continue reading

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